So, You Want a New House, Eh???

After reviewing the options, setting a budget, spending hours perfecting the perfect boards on both houzz and pinterest, you’ve decided a new construction home perfectly meets your needs and desires. Now it’s time to choose a builder. So where do you begin? And how?

Custom Vs Production
One of the biggest differences between contractors is how they go about building homes. The two main ways of doing this are custom vs production. Think of them like Mr. Miyagi vs Cobra Kai but in the construction industry, and not the best movie produced in the 80’s. With a custom built home everything is designed with you in mind. None of that you can choose between this ranch and this two story, and would you like everything in off white or brownish beige?

A custom home builder will design your home around your needs, wants, and desires. We have drawn up plans off of a customers rough sketch on the back of a napkin, on up to fully fleshed out plans drawn up by local architecture firms. Having our own in house draftsman means that no matter what stage your plans are in, we can turn them into your dream home.

The Fly By Night Effect
Another thing to look at is how long your builder has been in business for. Did you know that only 36.4% of all construction companies celebrate being in business for five years? With the average homeowner staying in their home for ten years, wouldn’t you want to know that your builder will still be around if you need something? We frequently get calls from our past clients about the color of shingles we put on, what tile was installed in the kitchen, or the manufacturer of the window in Johnny’s bedroom. While we can’t answer every question we have ever been asked, (the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything still eludes us) we have been able to answer most of them.

Since taking over the family business in 1990, we have built something like 2,000 homes for families in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. It’s always been a great honor of ours to build a starter home for a younger client, and then hear back from them in ten years to so that they want us to build their forever home! Being a family owned and run business (it’s a pretty normal day when you have three generations of us running around on a jobsite) it’s one of our great passions to see our customers families grow and change their housing needs!

So what about You?
If you really get down to it, everything about what we do is focused on giving our customers a truly unique and personalized experience. Say you have a large, old door from your grandparents farmstead and you want to incorporate it into the kitchen of your first home? Yup, we can do that! Say your love of pickling has lead you to pickle that, and that, and that, and that. You would probably love to store all of those jars in a custom made room under your front porch stoop right? We have definitely done that. Want a custom safe room built for tornado safety, and or playing Jodie Foster in Panic Room for the afternoon? Well we can build that room.

Basically what I am trying to say is that your house can and should be a reflection of you. Chances are, you are probably a pretty unique person aren’t you? Shouldn’t your house be as well?

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