The homebuilding process is usually a lot of fun, but can also be extremely stressful and frustrating. One of the biggest stressors for most people is when it comes time for product selection. There are an enormous amount of ‘stuff’ to choose from: different millwork trim profiles, window clad color, the layout of tiles in the shower, and the list goes on and on. As if that weren’t overwhelming enough, there’s also the stress of needing to go to a different store for each task you choose to take on. For example, you go to ‘insert big box home improvement store here’ and have to track down the ever-elusive sales associate, but they don’t have what you’re looking for, so you drive across town to ‘insert different big box home improvement store here’, and they do have one thing you’re looking for, but you also heard from a close friend that they had a really good experience at this one tile place. So, you go there… So on and so forth. These tasks, while do-able can also be daunting and exhausting. There aren’t many places that offer a one stop shop experience, but we do! 

We wanted to simplify things for you and make the whole process as easy breezy as possible, so we opened an in house design center called Gotcha Covered. We have a team of highly trained designers that work full time to make your life easier!  We will pair you up with one of them and they will work with you for the entire build at your own pace. The designers can roll with it if you want to have a selection spree and choose all of the things in one day, or if you’d rather sit down with a cup of really awesome coffee from a local roaster and choose just a few things per meeting, or if your pace is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. We can do it all! 

The perks start coming and they don’t stop coming with the design center and your personal, dedicated designer. From start to finish, your unique style will always be in consideration and the final product will be ‘so you’. If you’re a regular ole home-designing machine on Pinterest or Houzz, make sure to share your boards with your designers and we can customize your experience that way, or if you’d rather just have the final yay or nay on any elements we’ve picked for you based on what we know about you, that works for us. Even if your style is to wing it and hope for the best, the design team is there for you! 

Are you still stressed? Well, don’t be! Our design center has everything you need for your home design from tile to carpet to wood floor to window coverings to cabinets. We even have our cabinet guru to assist in choosing the ultimate cabinets for the perfect kitchen for you!  So, remember that whatever your designing needs, we’ve Gotcha Covered!

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