Your home is done! . . . Now what?

You know how when you order a pizza you can see everything from when they put the pizza in the oven all the way to when you have to be prepared for the delivery driver to see you in your pajamas when you answer the door? It would be nice if everything worked that way. Well, now it does! … At least it does when it comes to building your home. We use a program called CoConstruct which is a cloud-based job management platform where you can see all things related to your home. Some things you will see when you log into CoConstruct are the schedule that is laid out for you in calendar form so you know exactly how much progress we are making at any time, your selections that you have already made, your messages and to-dos, and last but not least, your warranty requests. All of these are super easy to use and conveniently at your fingertips. 

The warranty is just another way we make things easier for you. Once your home is complete you are given a builders warranty which provides extra reassurance for one year after your closing. Floors, ceilings, walls, plumbing, heating, electric, the roof, concrete work, brick work, countertops and tile work, insulation, and garage doors are all included in the warranty, and CoConstruct takes the stress out of getting a hold of us to take care of these things for you. You can send us a message in your messages tab, or put in a request in your warranty request tab. You may be wondering, “Are there things that aren’t included?” An excellent question. The short answer is yes. Although not required, most major purchases you make, such as furniture, cars, phones, and TVs come with a limited warranty. What this means is that the warranty covers any defects that are due to workmanship or in the materials themselves, but does not cover routine maintenance that comes just from owning things. That’s the way it works with us too, we stand by our products and our workmanship, and for any other needs that you have, we are happy to offer our services as your personal information center. We’ve been in the business for a long time, so if you have questions about your warranty, maintenance, remodeling, or anything in between, we can put those questions to rest. So whether you’re having a pizza party in your PJs, or having a construction celebration on the way to completion, it should be nearly effortless and totally painless!

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