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You’ve already decided to have a home built, you’ve done research on builders to find one that fits with you, and you’ve scheduled a meeting with us. The initial consultation is a chance for us to get to know you, and vice versa, and to begin narrowing down what you’re looking for in order to turn a patch of dirt into your dream home. Before your meeting there are a few things that are super helpful to be thinking about. Keeping in mind, that at this point nothing is set in stone and you are welcome to change your mind or make adjustments as many times as you feel necessary! 

The first thing you should be thinking about is if there is a specific area you’d like to live in. Do you want to live near your job? In a certain school district? A brand new subdivision? Close to hospitals, malls, grocery stores? Share your thoughts with us and we’ll do the same, in order to find the best option for you! 

Second, is bedrooms and bathrooms. How many are you thinking, and where? Some people prefer the bedrooms to be on the main floor with the other gathering spaces like the living room and the kitchen, and some prefer them to be on their own floor, and some go a different route entirely. You don’t need to have everything figured out, that comes later, but your input is helpful for us to give you suggestions based on what we do know. 

Next is your timeline. How soon are you hoping to move into your new home? We have worked with a multitude of different timelines, and we can work together to find the pace that fits your plan. 

Finally, budget. What number would you like to stay under for your construction? This number can change as many times as you’d like it to, with upgrades you’d like to make, or some bells and whistles you’d like to leave out, but in the end, there are no surprises! We will communicate with you every step of the way and by the time we get to the builder’s agreement you know exactly where your funds are going and why. 

 If you’ve already been thinking about these things before coming to see us, then great! If not, then ideally we will have gotten the gears working to begin narrowing these things down. When you come to your initial consultation bring us as many questions and ideas as you can come up with and we will work with them until each aspect of your home is everything you’ve ever imagined!

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