After perusing Pinterest and Houzz for hours upon hours, you’ve come across multitudes of things that you’d like to incorporate in your project. Maybe you even know that you want your bedroom on the main floor, while the Kids’ bedrooms are on the second level, so you can finally get some peace and quiet, or have picked out the perfect backsplash for your kitchen so your mom has nothing to criticize you for when she comes to visit (except the cooking of course), or that you need a double vanity in your bathroom because it makes getting ready in the morning SO much easier.  It’s awesome that you’re thinking about those things because it will make your life and your designer’s life easier throughout your design process, but did you know that the floor plan you have in mind might affect the kinds of lots that are available to you? 

If you’re like me then you’re probably thinking, “There are different KINDS of lots?” There are actually six different kinds that are commonly available for new home projects. They are: acreage, corner, infill, flat, daylight, and walkout. Wait. What? An acreage lot is one with one or more acres on it, and essentially you can build on any part of it that you own. A corner lot is exactly what it sounds like; it’s where a street changes directions or ends. These lots usually have quite a bit more space to them which could translate to a bigger garage, or a huge pad for a hot tub or any number of things in between!

An infill lot is not necessarily a “leftover lot”, but one that is ready to be loved again. They are areas where there was an existing building previously, or in pre-established neighborhoods. A Flat lot is also pretty self-explanatory. They are on level ground, and are good for many types of floor plans. A daylight lot is on sloped ground, and as such usually has more natural light available from the full windows in the basement. The last one is a walkout, which is a fancy way of saying that you have access to the backyard from your basement. 

This is A LOT to take in (get it?), but don’t panic. What it mostly boils down to is size, location, natural light and access to your backyard space. These types of lots all have benefits and drawbacks to them and what works for one person may not work for you. If you have any questions, make sure to let your builder know what you are thinking and have them recommend or even show you some lots to make sure that you get one that fits your vision perfectly!

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