After you decided to have your home built, you may realize that you know close to nothing about architecture, and have no idea how to put what you have in mind on paper. So you start working with an architect. That’s a logical next step. You and the architect work together to create the most beautiful, perfect, dazzling home you could have ever imagined. So now it’s time to find a builder to take your project from paper to product…. Right? 

The answer is, maybe. You should do research on whether the right type of homebuilder for you is custom or production homes. (If you need more information about the difference between the two and the services they offer, click HERE to get to our last blog.) When we meet with new clients, we are often asked, “when should I involve a builder with my project?” After being in business for such a long time, we tend to find that the sooner you partner with a builder the better. Your architect may deliver the most fantastic floor plan you’ve ever seen, but the sad truth of the matter is that it happens more often than we’d like to think about, that by the time a buyer brings their finished design to their builder, it is way out of their initial budget. So is there a way to avoid this? 

Some home builders offer an in-house design center where you can work closely with one person who will design your floor plan while keeping in mind both your budget and the elements that are most important to you. And that’s not the only useful thing of involving a builder early on. Your builder is your information center, whether your question is about the prices of lumber, or which type of lot is best for your project, or who is the best realtor to go through, or a lender that will work to get you the most bang for your buck — chances are, your builder will know the answer or be able to offer some input that can help with your decision making throughout your entire process. So, you may be thinking, “Is it bad if I have a lot, and a realtor, and maybe even a floor plan, but no builder? 

No matter where you are in your process, adding a builder should simplify things, not complicate them. It just means that if there were any points that you feel were particularly challenging, adding a builder may have saved you time, money, or headaches. So make sure to bring any questions you have to builders under your consideration, to see what they can do for you because in the long run, the fun of having a home built should far outweigh the stress!

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