Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an obvious generation gap? Maybe you’ve even seen someone pick up a floppy disk and say, “wow, someone 3D printed the save icon” and suddenly everything felt wrong. Whether we like it or not, the concept applies to almost everything. Trends have changed over the years on hair, and clothes, and phones, and cars — and houses too. Today, it’s less of the crown molding and gabled roofing that comes with classic construction, and more of the geometric shapes and  aesthetically pleasing rooms that come with contemporary construction that are more widely sought out for home buyers/ builders. Whether you are buying, building or remodeling, there are simple things you can do to modernize your home, while also keeping your budget in mind. 

  1. Paint. Clean lines and a neutral color palette are your friend. Throw a fresh coat of paint up to completely transform the feel of the space.  
  2. Shape. Squares and rectangles are a hallmark of modern design. Update everything that you can to a cube look, or if you already have, try a heavily rounded light fixture to have multiple things to look at without being overwhelmed. 
  3. Simplicity. With contemporary homes, less really is more. Reduce as much clutter as possible inside and out to achieve the minimalist vibe. 
  4. Contrast. People are drawn to what is different, but not too different. One increasingly popular option is entirely white rooms with one black item, or one item that is a pop of color.  
  5. Finishes. The clean and simple look is finished — with finishes. Try stainless steel and glass for appliances and fixtures to complete your utterly modernized look. 

These five concepts can be applied inside and out in inexpensive ways to give your home a more contemporary vibe. If you aren’t sure what would be best, ask your designer! They are constantly keeping up with trends and budgets — in fact they do it for a living. If the design is for you, find some things you like on Pinterest or Houzz and ask your designer how to achieve similar things without breaking the bank, OR if it is for the next homeowner, ask about simple things you can update or change in order to sell your house toute suite. Whatever your situation, make sure to partner with your designer to find out how you can avoid as many “Future Floppy Disk Moments” as possible by adding modern touches to your home without making monumental touches to your bank account!

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